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Bright Spot Bake Shop is a Cottage Food Operation.

(permit #PT0494868 issued by the Santa Clara County Department of Environmental Health)

This means that I bake and sell the items listed below in/from my home kitchen at 774 Saint Timothy Place, Morgan Hill CA. 

Pastries ordered by my customers must either be picked up at my home address or must be delivered by me to the customer's location.

*Pricing is an indication and is subject to change without notice.


Sweet bread and yeasted pastry

These pastries are made with an enriched yeasted dough, and are best eaten the day they are baked, or they can be warmed up in a (toaster) oven for a few minutes at 350F.

kanelbullar 5
chokoladesnurrer 4

Buns & Bullar

$3.50*  (Some are nut free)

Bullar or snurrer are a much-loved Scandinavian cinnamon bun, that you can find at every bakery and café. Rolled or knotted enriched cardamom dough provides a wonderful basis to all kinds of different fillings and toppings:

- Kanelbullar (cinnamon buns)

- Kardemummabullar (cardamom buns)

- Chokoladesnurrer (chocolate-pecan buns)

- Hallonbullar (raspberry-almond buns)



$4.00*  (Nut free)

Vlaai is a traditional pastry from Limburg, the Southern-most province of the Netherlands but popular across the country. Bright Spot Bake Shop's vlaaitjes are a single-serving 'hand-pie' version of the large flat, fruit-filled pie. The not-so-sweet bread-dough lattice pastry, sprinkled with coarse sugar, hugs a flavorful filling:

- Kersenvlaaitjes (sour cherry pies)

- Abrikozenvlaaitjes (apricot pies)

- Appel-Rozijnenvlaaitjes

          (spiced apple and raisin pies)

gauffres de liege

Gaufres de Liège

$4.00*  (Nut free)

These are not your light, American breakfast waffles. These thick Belgian waffles are a substantial treat, made with a buttery, vanilla-scented, yeast-risen dough, similar to brioche. The dough is studded with large chunks of sugar, that caramelize against the hot waffle iron and provide a wonderful crunch. Liege waffles are best served warm, on their own, or with whipped cream and fresh fruit.

Tartlets and cakes

Bright Spot Bake Shop's tartlets are elegant enough to be a dessert at a dinner party. But do not let that deter you from having them as an indulgent snack. They are all best eaten within 2-3 days after baking, and freeze very well in an airtight container. Our base cake recipe includes almond flour for extra texture and flavor. Cakes will keep for about 2 days covered, but enjoy them fresh for the best experience.

cherrybakewelltartlets 2
citronlavendelmazariner 2
toscamazariner 2

Frangipane tartlets


Almond-frangipane is a versatile filling used to fill shortcrust pastry tarts all over Europe. Our English Bakewell Tarts are filled with cherry preserves, almond frangipane and cherries, topped with a simple icing and sliced almonds. Mazariner are the Scandinavian answer to the frangipane tart.

- Cherry Bakewell Tarts

- Citron-Lavendel Mazariner

          (lemon-lavender almond tarts)

- Tosca Mazariner (caramel almond tarts)

- Hallon-Pistasch Mazariner

          (raspberry-pistachio tarts)

- Speculaas-Perentaartjes

          (spiced pear-almond tarts)

2020-02-01 Bright Spot Bake Shopuntitled-5481
kirschstreuselkuchen 4
apfelmarzipankuchen 5
lemondrizzlecakes 2

Little loaf cakes


Our mini loaf cakes are just the right size for a treat to accompany a cup of coffee or tea. We make several variations, all made with an almond-enriched cake batter. German Apfelmarzipankuchen are fluffy little cakes with dried and fresh apple while Kirsch-streuselkuchen are topped with tart cherries and cinnamon streusel. Our English Lemon Drizzle cakes have a crunchy lemon-sugar 'crust' and a hint of thyme in the cake. 

- Apfel-Marzipankuchen

          (apple-marzipan cake)

- Kirschstreuselkuchen

          (sour cherry streusel cake)

- Thyme Lemon Drizzle cake

kladdkakepaj 2
kladdkakepaj 3


$4.00*  (Nut free)

These little chocolate tartlets are my interpretation of a Swedish classic: Kladdkaka, or sticky chocolate cake. They are made with my buttery shortcrust pastry and filled with a very chocolatey Kladdkaka batter that sets to a fudgy brownie-like consistency when baked. I then sprinkle some non-melting confectioner's sugar on top to make a pretty design.

Kladdkakepaj have the best consistency when served chilled.

 drommekage 2

Little almond cakes

$3.50*  (Gluten free)

We make a couple of super moist, extra nutty, gluten-free almond cakes. Almond Toscakaka is a Swedish specialty - an almond cake topped with a sticky almond toffee layer. Drommekage is the Danish idea of a "dream-cake", featuring a coconut and salted caramel topping.

- Toscakaka

          (caramel-almond cakes)

- Drømmekage

          (salted caramel-coconut cakes)

appelrondos 2



Rondo's are a variation of the Dutch 'gevulde koek' (stuffed cookie). The basic version is made with a buttery dough, encasing a layer of fragrant almond paste. This simple pastry is delicious as is, but is just asking for tasty additions, like an apples or apricots and a streusel topping.

- Appelkruimelrondo's

        (apple streusel tart w/almond paste)

- Abrikozenrondo's

        (apricot streusel tart w/almond paste)

raspberry-blueberry flodeboller
coffee caramel flodeboller


$3.50*  (Gluten free)

Flødeboller are the Danish answer to Mallow Mars or 'smores, consisting of a chewy almond macaroon base, topped with a tower of fluffy marshmallow and a thin, crisp layer of dark chocolate on the outside. In the Bright Spot Bake Shop version, the marshmallow is flavored with cardamom and cinnamon, and the sweet-tart raspberry-blueberry jam center provides a wonderful contrast to the other components.

I am working on some wonderful new flavor variations. Stay tuned...

Bars and cookie-bars are a great accompaniment to a cup of coffee. Don't let their smaller size fool you - they are very rich and pack quite a flavor punch! These little treats will keep for several days and freeze well for enjoyment at a later date.

2020-02-01 Bright Spot Bake Shopuntitled-5453
millionairesbars 2
millionairesbars 1

Millionaire's Shortbread

$6.50 for 4*  (Nut free)

These Scottish cookie bars are the more sophisticated cousin of a Twix bar. The cookie layer is a buttery shortbread. It’s topped with a slightly salted, decadent soft caramel. Finally, a crisp layer of dark chocolate is spread on top and finished with a little sprinkle of vanilla-bean salt and white chocolate swirls. I cut my millionaire’s bars into smaller squares because they are so rich. And that way, you can eat two.

gevuldeboterkoek 4
gevuldeboterkoek 5
gevuldeboterkoek 2

Gevulde Boterkoek

$6.50 for 8*  

Boterkoek translates from Dutch to ‘butter-cake’. It is a rich, buttery bar, with a fudgy consistency, which pairs wonderfully with a cup of coffee. Boterkoek was traditionally not something you’d find at a fancy bakery, but more a treat farmers' wives would bake at home for their hardworking families. Over the years, the recipe has evolved. The Dutch Jewish community adds candied ginger. Our version is filled with a nutty pecan-paste with a hint of ginger.

gevuldespeculaas 4

Gevulde Speculaas

$6.50 for 4*

Dutch people eat these soft, spiced gingerbread squares in December to celebrate the birthday of Saint Nicholas. The cookie bar is filled with a generous layer of orange-scented almond paste. Speculaas spice is best known for flavoring Dutch windmill-cookies. The mix resembles American pumpkin-spice and is similarly used to flavor every food or drink imaginable once fall arrives.


Most Northern European cookies are smaller than their American counterparts. But that just means you can have more than one! They also make a great gift. All Bright Spot Bake Shop cookies will keep for several days covered (for soft cookies) or stored in an airtight containter (for crunchy cookies). All cookies freeze well, except for the Empire Biscuits.

raspberryempirebiscuit 2

Empire Biscuits

$8.00 for 4* (Some are nut free)

A fusion of Scottish Empire Biscuits and Danish Hindbaersnitter, these shortbread cookies, sandwiching fruit preserves and topped with icing and fruit or nuts are as delicious as they are beautiful. And the sky is the limit for flavor variations...

- Raspberry and lemon zest

- Strawberry and black pepper

- Blackberry, blueberry and lavender

- Apricot, rosemary and pistachio

- Orange marmalade and earl grey tea

janhagel 3
janhagel 4

Jan Hagel Koekjes

$6.50 for 12*

These traditional Dutch cookies are lovely and crispy. The cinnamon-flavored cookie dough is rolled out into a big sheet, sprinkled with sliced almonds and pearl sugar, and then sliced into rectangles while they are hot from the oven.

pepparkakor 3


$6.50 for 12*  (Nut free)

Pepparkakor are a super-thin, crisp, aromatic spiced gingerbread cookie, commonly found in Scandinavia. They lend themselves well to being cut into fanciful shapes. A blend of cinnamon, cardamom, coriander, cloves, ginger and orange zest makes these cookies smell like Christmas. Delicious in winter-time with a cup of hot chocolate, or any time of year.

kladdkakakakor 3


$6.50 for 4*  

Soft, rich, chocolate cookies, studded with crunchy pieces of Sweden’s favorite candy bar (Daim) and walnuts. These are a cookie version of the popular sticky, slightly under-baked chocolate cakes you often find in Swedish cafés. Be warned - they are highly addictive!



$6.50 for 8*  (Gluten free) 

A coconut macaroon, flavored with lime zest and cardamom or raspberries, shaped into a cone and dipped in dark Belgian chocolate. Cardamom is a popular Scandinavian flavor, but similar cookies are enjoyed all over Northern Europe.

Kokostoppar med Lime & Kardemumma

        (lime & cardamom coconut macaroons)

Kokostoppar met Hallon & Choklad

         (raspberry coconut macaroons)

hazelnootspritsen (2)


$6.50 for 8*  

These short, buttery spritz-style cookies are made with hazelnut-meal. They are piped into rozettes, topped with a whole hazelnut, baked and then sandwiched with a Nutella-chocolate filling. Many Nothern European countries have variations on spritz cookies in their repertoire. These remind me of hazelnut cookies my Dutch grandmother made.

kransekagestykker 2

Marzipan Cookies

$6.50 for 8*  (Gluten free)

These surprising cookies are for marzipan lovers. Made from an almond dough, they are baked until slightly crisp on the outside but still soft and chewy on the inside. Mandelhornchen are rolled in almonds and dipped in chocolate, as is customary in Germany. Kransekagestykker are a single-serving version of a Norwegian/Danish celebration cookie-tower.

- Mandelhornchen

          (chocolate dipped marzipan cookies)

- Kransekagestykker

          (marzipan cookies with lemon icing)

syltgrottor 3
syltgrottor 2


$6.50 for 8*  (Nut free)

Syltgottor, or ‘Jam caves’ are the Swedish version of thumbprint cookies, subtly flavored with anise, rolled in coarse sugar and filled with jam before baking in paper cases. I use typically Scandinavian fruit preserves to fill them:

- Blueberry/raspberry syltgrottor

- Lingonberry syltgrottor

- Apricot syltgrottor


Not all our treats are baked, but they are just as sweet! These confections and drinks are a wonderful accompaniment or compliment to Bright Spot Bakeshop pastries. Fun to share, lovely to gift. The seasonal mixes are available in fall and winter and are perfect for sharing during the holidays. 


Cardamom Marshmallows

$4.00 for 20*  (Gluten free, Nut free)

Home-made marshmallows are so much better than the store-bought, factory-made version. Soft, fluffy and flavorful, these treats are delicious for snacking on and a wonderful complement to hot chocolate. I flavor my marshmallows with cardamom and cinnamon, and they taste like Christmas.

glogg and hot chocolate

Spice mix for Glögg

$4.00*  (Gluten free)

Many Swedish families have their own blend of spices for a warming mulled wine. Mine includes cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, ginger, orange slices and sugar. Just add a bottle of red wine, and vodka or brandy to taste, heat up on the stove and allow the flavors to meld. Pour the glögg (pronounced 'glook') over raisins and blanched almonds (included) in individual goblets, glasses or cups, and enjoy! One package makes 6 servings.


Chocolate Hokey-Pokey

$5.00 for 20*  (Gluten free, Nut free)

Hokey-Pokey is a Cornish term for honeycomb candy. It's also known as cinder-toffee. Hokey-Pokey is caramelized sugar toffee aerated by adding baking soda. The golden shards are sensitive to humidity, so I like to coat them in Belgian dark chocolate. This complements the flavor and makes them a bit easier to store. Hokey-Pokey is an indulgently sweet snack, and also amazing crumbled over ice cream.

hot chocolate

Home-made Hot Chocolate Mix

$5.00*  (Gluten free, Nut free)

This hot chocolate mix is my own extra chocolately blend. I has cocoa powder as well as chopped milk and dark Belgian chocolate, making the drink extra lucious. Make with whole milk for an even creamier treat! Complete your luxe hot chocolate with some of my cardamom marshmallows (included). One package of mix makes 2+ servings.


Hand-Etched Glassware

Warm drinks taste even better when served in a pretty cup or glass. Take some time to enjoy beautiful things in life while you are taking a break from your hectic day. The illustrations are chemically etched into the surface of the glass and are permanent. So, you can safely clean your glassware in the dishwasher.

mug floral poppies
mug floral delft
mug floral scandi
mug floral william morris
floral etched glass mugs

Floral Hand-Etched Mugs


Bright Spot Bakeshop's one-of-a-kind glass mugs have been carefully hand-etched with my original artwork, inspired by traditional Northern European floral prints and graphic arts. From left to right:

- German Jugendstil illustrations (Poppies)

- Delft Blue pottery from the Netherlands

- Scandinavian folk art

- British textile designer William Morris

The floral illustrations have each been complimented with a different geometric design on the opposite side of the mug.

mug winter trees
mug winter snow
mug ornaments deer
mug ornaments santa

Holiday Hand-Etched Mugs


Get in the holiday mood with etched glass mugs decorated for the season. These are wonderfully cozy for coffee, tea or hot chocolate, snuggled up under a blanket on the sofa or by the fire. Glass allows you to see the rich color of your drink, and makes the hand-etched design pop.

- Christmas ornament designs

- Winter and snow scene designs

glogg glasses 2
glogg glasses 1

Holiday Hand-Etched Goblets

$22.00* for a set of 2 

These hand-etched goblets are perfect for serving Glögg or Swedish mulled wine. The dark color of the red wine really makes the holiday designs stand out. They are also great for serving wine or other drinks, or even for serving ice-cream or trifle during your holiday celebrations. 

The goblets are sold in sets of two because who wants to drink alone...

- Christmas ornament designs

- Winter and snow scene designs

Gift Baskets

Give someone you love or appreciate the gift of a sweet retreat. Treat them to an indulgent break with a warm drink and some delicious Northern European cookies - a moment to decompress and enjoy the little things in life. Each gift basket can be customized to include the recipient's favorite Bright Spot Bakeshop products.

gift basket large hot chocolate

Double Hot-Chocolate Basket


This large felt gift basket includes:

- 2 hand-etched glass mugs

- 1 bag home-made hot chocolate mix &

   cardamom marshmallows (2+ servings)

- 2 bags of holiday cookies

Perfect for that person with a real sweet tooth. Pick two mugs in the floral design or holiday design of your choice, and select the two varieties of cookies you think will be enjoyed most, to make sure the gift will be to the recipient's taste.

gift basket large glogg

Double Glögg Basket


Spread some Scandinavian Christmas cheer with a large felt gift basket with:

- a set of 2 hand-etched glass goblets

- 1 bag spice mix for glögg (Swedish mulled

   wine, makes 6 servings)

- 2 bags of holiday cookies

Choose between goblets with a holiday ornament design or a winter scene design, and select the two varieties of cookies to be enjoyed with the warming mulled wine.

gift basket small hot chocolate

Single Hot-Chocolate Basket


This lovely soft felt gift basket holds:

- 1 hand-etched glass mug

- 1 bag home-made hot chocolate mix &

   cardamom marshmallows (2+ servings)

- 1 bag of holiday cookies

It makes a wonderful teacher appreciation gift or present for anyone who could use a little treat. Pick a mug in the floral design or holiday design of your choice, and select a favorite bag of cookies to customize the gift.

gift basket small glogg

Single Glögg Basket


This festive felt gift basket includes:

- set of 2 hand-etched glass goblets

- 1 bag spice mix for glögg (Swedish mulled

   wine, makes 6 servings)

- 1 bag of holiday cookies

Holiday spirit in a cozy package! Choose between goblets with a holiday ornament design or a winter scene design, and pick your favorite bag of cookies from the holiday selection.

mugs with hot chocolate

Hot-Chocolate Mug & Mix Set


Not really a gift basked per se, but still a fun gift or even oversized stocking stuffer for your favorite chocaholic. Pick your favorite hand-etched glass mug, and pair it with a bag of home-made hot chocolate mix with cardamom marshmallows (makes 2+ servings). The lucky recipient will surely enjoy it!

(For an additional $1,50, pair with a bag of cookies instead of hot chocolate.)

Bright Spot Bakeshop is a Cottage Food Operation (Permit #PT0494868, Issued in Santa Clara)

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